Wild Weekend: Getting ready for winter.

Getting ready for winter is ALWAYS a good idea. Here is how you can get ready for winter in the best and more productive way!

Start with the clothes. Many people think that showing skin isn’t much of a problem. But skin exposed to the winter can cause frostbite or even worse! I would suggest wearing long pants but not jeans. Jeans get soaking wet when exposed to snow and you will be having an icky experience if you where jeans outdoors. Sweat pants sometimes work. They dont get as wet but its not really there job to keep away the cold. As for shirts? I   would suggest NEVER wearing a short sleeved shirt with a simple coat over it. Coats can sometimes get wet too and any snow or ice that gets through can quickly be exposed to your skin. I would suggest wearing a long sleeved t-shirt. By the way, if you have a sports jersey (like a REAL sports jersey) than you might wanna try that over a long t-shirt and under a coat. It can get pretty messy itself, but it might keep away the wet from your shirt. Finally wear boots. Shoes in snow and ice is a no no. Shoes quickly deteriorate in snow and water. You will be left with frozen tearing shoes. Wear snow boots because well, thats there job. Also I would suggest wearing a neck-up. A neck-up is a fabric cloth made so you put it like a hat but it has a hole at the top. you push it down towards your neck and mouth and possibly nose. It keeps you from breathing in total chilly air and it can also keep you from getting a nasty cold. Wearing a hat is always something you cant go without. Your head reacts more delicately to water and ice/snow than any other place on the human body. If you lose your head, it aint coming back. Just like any damage to your brain is almost ALWAYS permanent. A hood doesnt work as well but it will do if you have no hats.

Your front and back lawn are important too! First off get rid of all those leaves because they may look quite pretty, but they will turn your glowing white snow into a snowy mess. Also, take down any outside decorations.

Inside is also a huge importance. Shades on the windows help prevent from chill getting through the cracks and into your house. Also any downstairs area should have a heating system since temps there might drop faster than any other part in the house. Another thing you should do is to move sensible objects like computers away from the windows. It may look less fashionable but it keeps your items safe.

Hope you can use these tips to your advantage!


1 thought on “Wild Weekend: Getting ready for winter.

  1. What great tips! Thanks for sharing! ❤

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