Getting the Dara theme!


I decided to try out the Dara theme! Not only does it have a very bright shade of blue that I love, but I love the look. It just makes my blog start to look more professional! Im so excited and tell me in the comments what you think about this theme and any suggestions to make my blog better! Thanks and enjoy my new things on my blog!


The Truth about the Bermuda Triangle

Many of us have heard about many strange things happening in the Bermuda Triangle. The triangle is located from Bermuda to Florida, than to Puerto Rico. This forms a triangle and almost zero ships and/or planes have ever made it through there. Why is this? Well im about to tell you.


The Myth

The Myth is that sea monsters and other creatures thrive in this triangle and destroy all the ships and planes that try to get through. Some believe these ships/planes are attacked by another people. And some believe the devil has something to do with it. However it is determined that none of these is the true answer. Lets see what it is…

The Truth

The truth about the Bermuda Triangle was revealed when scientists looked at maps of the storms and other dangers in that area. What they noticed were 3 major spots. These spots were determined to be shooting massive amounts of air in all directions. It is more powerful of force than any other storm on Earth. When the air is shot out, huge waves can form. No ship can withstand the waves and no plane can withstand the bursts of air. Get it now? The Bermuda Triangle for years has been a thing of legend, but now we know whats causing it. So how are these certain parts of the Earth shooting out so much air?

The Question

The question is: How in the world can these spots shoot so much air. Well scientists believe its a chemical reaction that forces the air inside the spot to basically blow up. The chemical reaction is yet to be discovered since uhhh we cant really get inside those spots hehe. But much more can be learned from this!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and have a wonderful rest of your day!


The Truth about the Titanic

Do you really know what happened on the morning of April 15th, 1912? Do you even know how this all began when the Titanic set sail on April 10th? Here is the true, complete story of the greatest ship in the world, and how carelessness, and everything being the way it was, determined the deadly fate of 1500+ lives.

Building the greatest ship in the world

The Titanic was built from May 31st, 1909 until its eventual set sale on April 10th, 1912. The Titanic was a humongous, 52,310 ton ship. When it was built, its idea was to be a huge ocean liner to go along with its sister ship: The Olympic. The initial idea was that the Olympic would be a bigger better ship, but the creators, and all the staff ended up failing to complete that task and the RMS Titanic, as it was named, was the largest ship in the world at its time. Today, the largest passenger ship is 5 times the size of this beauty, so, of course, we would not consider it big now. But its eventual design, thought, and final journey, was both devastating and in all, shocking. The outcome would shape how we thought and still think about the world. And it would be one of the biggest events in human history. But not everyone knows the true story. So why did this huge ship sink? Well it begins with one man: Edward John Smith.

Before it set sail

Edward Smith would be the captain of the ship and him and the staff would be coordinating the epic first journey. He made it so pretty much everything was perfect. From the heated pool, to the luxurious bedrooms, the entire ship was the perfect vacation for anyone and everyone living at that time.  It was also designed to be incredibly strong. The near 900 feet long ship was preparing for its sail. What would happen? Would they succeed? Well… it was about to all go down.

The Truth about the Titanic and why what happened before it sank truly determined its outcome

The Titanic was given 20 lifeboats. It could have held 60 lifeboats but the staff agreed that it would ¨mess with the beauty¨ and the deck would seem like a mess. After all, what was the chance of a devastating accident? Anyways another vulnerability and true reason probably why the Titanic sank was actually the opposite of what people thought and still think today. While many people think that somehow, the iceberg penetrated the ice, it was actually that there had been a fire that no one knew about. When the ship was later looked at by scientists, they discovered a dark blackened spot at the spot of the iceberg hit. An iceberg most likely does not create a darkened ashed spot. Only a fire could do that. But wait! We weren’t completely wrong. The iceberg DID hit the ship and that DID make it sink. But it was because for many weeks, the staff including Edward John Smith knew about the small fire that had weakened a specific part of the ship. In fact, they went as far as turning the ship in such a direction, that this weakness could not be seen from the deck, but the weakness was facing away from the passengers. Why would they do this? Well, its all business. The leaders knew that canceling the trip would mean bankruptsy. It would mean a huge business crash that would have left hundreds of people unemployed. They thought they had no choice. So they took what they thought was a small risk and hid the entire scene from the public. And bam, it happened to be the end for most of them.

Another major factor was the fact that there were zero binoculars on the ship. Well, there was, but they were in a room that was locked. Only one man: Mr. Blare, whom they said had ¨the key that would have saved the Titanic¨, had the key to the room. Mr Blare rode on the ship from Belfast where the ship was built to Southampton to gather the passengers. But possibly because of the fact that he had to leave right before the second trip, doomed the Titanic. He forgot to give his replacement the key, and therefor the crew could not see ahead and move the ship before it hit the iceberg. Why could they have not moved it? Well Mr. Smith actually had the ship running at not only very fast speeds, but ILLEGAL speeds. At that time the ship was not built to run that fast, but the passengers had delayed their arrival causing the Titanic to be behind schedule, which horrified the staff and, in turn, Edward decided to hide the fact of incredible speed they were traveling at.

So basically everything went wrong. Because of everything going the way it went, they had no binoculars, and not enough lifeboats, and simply mindless staff. It was because of those events and the carelessness of the staff, that the passengers of the Titanic witness the ship sink on April 15th, 1912…


On the early morning of April 15th, 1912, passengers were waking up and suddenly being huddled into lifeboats. The legendary ship was sinking, and because they did not have enough lifeboats, more than 2 thirds of the passengers would have to go down with the ship, and the cost of many mistakes caused the loss of 1,500 lives. It would forever be remembered. Later in the 1980s would the Titanic be discovered once again, and slowly, scientists would uncover the punishing and hurtful truth, that had one of those major mistakes not been made, maybe just maybe, I would not be writing this article.

If only they had not made those mistakes…

If only they had cared enough to put the safety first…

If only… its the only thing we can say…


If only…………


I hope you enjoyed reading this. It took awhile to write and I hope you learn the true story from this. If you have any questions or anything you would like to mention PLEASE comment them down below. This article is about what we remember today and forever about possibly the greatest ocean story of all time…


The Titanic

Path to Superbowl LII

The AFC and NFC Conference Championships were quite fun to watch.

The Patriots v. Jaguars battle was intense.


The Jaguars led early 20-10. However Tom Brady threw a touchdown pass to Danny Amendola TWICE in the final quarter ending with the final score being 24-20. I did not expect Jacksonville to put up much competition but they did indeed! Aside from that Julian Edelman may be returning for the Superbowl, which would be awesome considering he probably is one of the best Patriots receivers. Some bad news includes the Rob Gronkowski concussion that may or may not last until the Superbowl.


I dont expect him to play in the ProBowl if he is in it or the next week of training. But I do expect him to play in the Superbowl 2 weeks from now.

The Eagles were faced with the Vikings last night and I was not surprised at all with the outcome.


Not only was Stephon Diggs of the Vikings really shaken up all game, but the final score was a Phily domination: 38-7! The defense of the Eagles held down Case Keenum and his crew all game unlike some other defenses that let the Vikings through late in the game, such as the Saints defense. Meanwhile Nick Foles got 5 different touchdowns in the endzone and a field goal ending with a 38-7 win! The Eagles just have one more game to win!

The Superbowl is going to be the big dog Patriots taking on the unusual newcomers to the Superbowl in the Eagles. Nick Foles has not gone to a Superbowl yet, and neither has basically the entire Eagles team. Including their head coach Pedersen. The Eagles have had that curse for awhile now, but it seems Nick Foles might have some tricks to beat the Patriots. The Patriots and Eagles have not played all season, and that might just make the difference. Tom Brady will be expecting a strong defense and therefore can prepare. The Patriots offensive line is going to need to avoid letting those sacks happen, and the receivers will need to be on point. I think whichever team has the most possessions will win this ball game, but who knows?


Superbowl Final Score Prediction: Patriots beat Eagles 28-23

I think that first we should focus on the ProBowl which comes up next week! Than maybe we can talk about the Superbowl. Hope you all enjoyed this post and ill cya all soon!

Wild Weekend: Top AdviceAgers 2017 posts!

I had to eventually get this in but I had to do a Top AdviceAgers 2017 Posts because I had so many 2017 moments that I wanted share with you all before they are forgotten! Here we go!

Top 5 Funny Texts and Top 5 Creepiest photos I found!

These 2 were just so fun to write. I not only found some really funny texting jokes that I shared with you but I also shared with you some of the creepiest photos I have found! I enjoy writing these posts so much and they HAVE TO be on my list.



This post was enjoyable and really exciting to write. It was towards the end of the day when I was at my aunts house and having an awesome time. I cant tell you all how much I love to have a chill-like day at my aunts, uncles, and grandparents houses. Its really enjoyable!

My 100th Blog Post!


I had to include the memorable moment of me reaching 100 blog posts for you all on AdviceAgers! I loved seeing my work so far pay off and I never expected my blog to get to this point 🙂 Thanks!

One-Word Posts

Although I should be getting back to writing these posts I did enjoy publishing my first few ones. These mainly were not written to get views but to simply share my thoughts on different words.

Wild Weekend and Wild Snow-kend!

These were SO FUN to write. They are probably a huge part of my blog. Wild IS returning this weekend and I cannot wait for the fun to come!

Random Recipes

I started this and than never got to writing more of it. I decided to kind of wait until I get recipes to post. Since im going to be in the kitchen for LAWS soon ill be sharing all of the recipes I receive with you guys!

Book Reviews

This is another big thing on my blog and I honestly LOVE doing these. I have not finished much of my books yet but I WILL get them read soon! 🙂


Tags are so fun to read and write. If your picked you, depending on the type of tag, need to do something than tag other people! Its a fun way to bring the WordPress community together. I loved reading and writing different tags!

Which Is Better: Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?

This post always makes me laugh because not only was it my first post ever but it was also so funny to see my aunts and friends reactions. Basically there is a still continuing war between Team Starbucks (Ankhor You) and Team Dunkin (Lifewithlilred and AdviceAgers). Basically all 3 of us have constantly been teasing each other. This included Lifewithlilred´s free coffee post that put her on Team Dunkin. (GO DUNKIN!)  Honestly we all know Dunkin is better. 😛 Starbucks will never match DD! haha!


Well thats it for me guys! 2017 was an awesome year filled with magic! I rate it a 5/5 blogging year! I hope you all enjoyed looking back at my blog posts and I hope we can keep the memories alive!

¨We can only hop…¨ Lyddie by Katherine Paterson 

Cya around Agers!

Wild Weekend: The most tiring day of my entire life!

Oh my today was… exhausting. I can barely write this post awake and I still have homework to do D: RIP me 😦 Let me explain.

So we woke up this morning and like any morning, we were exhausted. We had had a long week of tiring work and now we had my brothers scouting competition. Half hour ride, and we got there. After registration I took my sister and let her play at the playground for the 6 hours of full fledged awesomeness. Starting with normal chilling but eventually a huge snowball fight between us and the kids started. Lets just say it did not end well for anyone hehe.

So anyways we moved on and eventually we ate some lunch than had 2 more hours of snowball fighting awesomeness. We were in a rope tower basically being sitting ducks as the 4th and 5th graders laughed evilly while shooting snowballs at us. (I know… GREEEEEAAAAT) When we finally got called over for results it didnt really occur to me that our team would win anything. Well I should say my brothers team. There were only 4 members on their team since the others had dropped out. Since they got multiple 100s and other decent grades on the stations they ended up winning 1st place on the Gold Trail (5th grade) It was awesome to see them win and in the end of the day, it was all well 🙂

Thanks for reading guys! Bye!

Wild Weekend: The Return!

Hey guys and Wild Weekend is back! I have been waiting for it to return today: January 20th! What better way to start it off but some cool updates to my blog! Enjoy!

Brrrrrr Cold!

This morning I will be attending a Scout Event for my brother that makes me cold just thinking about it. I will be on Lil-sister-entertainment duty and we hope to stay worm while at the same time, have some fun! Hopefully I stay warm!

Trying out something new

So I decided that I might want to add some pages to my blog, but I was wondering if there was a way to put past posts on those separate pages while also being on the front page. I would appreciate it SO MUCH if you guys could give me some ideas on how to do this because AdviceAgers Archives is an idea and I hope to execute it soon!


I have not quite started my BOB (Battle of the Books) books yet! But I will as soon as I get caught up on Lyddie, and read a good deal of Warriors. (im sorry im addicted to it :P) I have found some other books (quite a few) that I dont get deeply into but kind of read a little through it then basically forget the book. Its sometimes that way. Also, I have been getting loads of books as gifts that I cannot control myself from reading them! Among the science books I have im always interested in the weather and storm topics.

Trying to find new blogging ideas

Blogging ideas are always very difficult to figure out. I kind of have a mini schedule in my head but its honestly what ever is in my head at the time of me on WordPress. Whatever comes to mind goes on and off and is changed in this editor to the point where I feel good about it, and I can tag it, and publish it! Sometimes I schedule posts for future times and modify them to fit that time. Just so it does not seem weird. Its difficult but I like scheduling ahead of time. Its easier. Other than that its a real struggle thinking of things to write. Hopefully I finish more books to do reviews on them! Speaking of books…

Warriors Book 4 Review

I finished Rising Storm! I am now constantly reading Book 5 (of 6 books in the 1st series) A Dangerous Path! Rising Storm was AWESOME! It was full of action and I rate it a solid 5/5! A Dangerous Path is so far very good and hopefully it stays that way!

Thanks for reading this post guys! Hope all of you enjoy the rest of your weekend and Wild Weekend is back so expect more posts from me out of that! Cya later Agers!